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Welcome to the land of the Shalohim, here we dwell in realms of technical psychedelic vibes with dubby basslines and magical harmonics. Boy Kortman is a Dutch based DJ and producer working under the alias Shalohim, focusing on Psychedelic, progressive dub, temple & world music. For the past decade, Shalohim has been producing and remixing electronic music - Creating individual music style that combines electronic music with unique ethnic, acoustic, rhythmic elements driven uplifting vocals & percussions.


Boy Kortman aka Shalohim born 1981 in Eindhoven the Netherlands is a well established artist in the arts of electronic music production and has been producing music for over a decade now. Shalohim is trying to have a fresh approach in the techniques and methods used behind his productions, these techniques are developed from the ground up and have been perfected over the years from the recording process to final arrangements.

Shalohim has performed at festivals and broadcasts such as Mo:Dem, Shankara, Q37, Auditory Relaxation and many others while releasing on notable lables including Desert Trax and Visionary Shamanics Records.

Shalohim is a blend between the words Shanti & Elohim, the symbol is regarding the connection between the earth and the ethereal soul being and provides a fusion between the heavens and the earth.

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